Ted Bauman

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Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2013. The renowned editor focuses on various fields such as privacy, Low-risk investment approaches, matters of international migration, and resources protection. Currently, Ted Bauman resides in Atlanta, GA with his spouse and children.

Throughout his life, Ted Bauman has been focusing on helping other people to be in touch with the resources that they require to have a sovereign life without having to depend on the government. Ted also assists his clients, followers, and readers of his editorial analyses to lead lives that are free from corporate interruption and government oversights.

Ted Bauman is a native of Washington DC. He was brought up in the Shore of Maryland. Ted went to South Africa at his youthful stage. In South Africa, editor Bauman attended the University of Cape Town where he studied History and Economics. Ted graduated with both History and Economics postgraduate degrees. Later, Bauman got his first career job where he worked with a nonprofit company. Ted served in a variety of firms while assuming various positions in the nonprofit sector.

Initially, Ted served as a fund manager in a company that was engaging in low-cost housing programs. Notably, Bauman led the establishment of Slum Dwellers Internationals. This project is reported to have been benefited more than 14 million clients in over 35 countries through housing programs.

Speaking about his career and how he brings his ideas to life, Ted said that his core duty in the Banyan Hill Publishing is to write about crucial issues in an approach that makes readers want to have more of the reading. Ted uses his excellent writing skills to help people know why some topics tend to be important. Ted writes for his readers to allow them to understand the reasons why some things are essential in business.

Bauman said that he is always excited by the way his followers question the nature of his economy. He spoke about both the United States and Global economies. Ted Bauman assists his readers to find long-term investment solutions for their businesses.

Learn from the investment tricks of Matt Badiali

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Matt Badiali is one of the people who have achieved a lot of things in the business world today. His success is unmatched by most entrepreneurs because he is always focused on his business endeavors. Before venturing into his career, Matt first attained a proper education. He went to Penn State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree. Matt then proceeded to Florida Atlantic University because Badiali wanted to advance his knowledge to achieve a competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs. He studied science and geology. Matt was later introduced to the world of finance by a friend. His great potential in the industry would later enable him to become a successful financial guru.

Freedom Checks

When Matt Badiali came with Freedom Checks, some people were concerned whether it was a scam or not. Since Matt is a professional, he decided to clarify because he also understands the internet is full of criminals who are after swindling others. It is not easy to identify those genuine and those who are out to scam others. Matt Badiali explained that the freedom checks are from firms that deal with natural resources. The process of purchasing shares from the companies is easy, and it looks like any other process used by the other investment companies. Matt recommends other to invest in freedom checks because he believes this is a lucrative industry.

His achievements

Matt Badiali never knew he would become a successful financial analyst when he was growing up. He even pursued a degree in science and geology because he was interested in the exploitation of natural resources. That is why he discovered a way of integration of the two industries after becoming a coveted financial guru. Today he is an expert in analyzing whether an opportunity is financially viable. That is essential as it helps entrepreneurs to know the best way they can make their investment. He is also an author because he wants to ensure many entrepreneurs get his financial advice. The good thing is that he has attracted many readers who want to learn from his experience. Matt’s success has encouraged others to continue investing.


Herbalife Nutrition and Global Lifestyle

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Herbalife Nutrition is a global corporation that develops and markets nutritional supplements, weights management, sports nutrition, and personal care products. The company was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1938 by Mark Hughes. After many successful years, Herbalife has really announced a new competition that is going to be collaborating with the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising (FIDM).

FIDM students participating in the Advanced Study Program of International Manufacturing and Product Development will be divided into different teams and will be designing and building a new activewear collection that embodies a lifestyle that Herbalife has been promoting for decades, which is that of a healthy and active lifestyle. Upon completing their designs, which will encompass themes, colors, fabrics, etc., the students will present their ideas to the Herbalife corporation and the FIDM faculty members. The final step in this challenge is to then have the students come up with how they will market and merchandise their creations to the public. Not only did the students get the chance to compete in this group project, but they also will have the chance to shine solo with their designs and ideas.

The project will continue until spring of 2019. The fifteen students that were chosen to participate will also be spending their time researching the consumer global marketplace and conduct research to make sure they thoroughly understand a customer in this millennial time period and to also understand influence athletes over the world. Another part of the course allows the students to get to travel to different places, such as Milan and Paris to participate in actual work sessions with the Herbalife corporation team and to also hear from and speak with the Herbalife Nutrition leaders that are found all over the globe. The students will also get to accompany the team to their annual meeting in Houston. It is safe to say that these lucky students are in for the ride of their lives and the experience of a lifetime.






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Dick Devos who by early 1990s was angling to become the Chief Executive Officer in his family’s Amway Corporation started opposing plans to build a multi-purpose arena in Grand Rapids. His main worry is that the arena which was to be built uptown would be disadvantageous to the downtown Grand Rapids. His opposition campaign finally materialized to the rise of moneyed business leaders who initiated the construction activities of several areas, schools, social facilities and amenities within the town. All these activities greatly contributed to a change in town-Grand Rapids.

In much of their adulthood, the Devo’s family has spent time trying to come up with new progressive ideas that are responsible for running institutions. As very influential financiers and ones with deep political connections, their ideas have led to major changes in laws mostly affecting labor and education activities. In education, they successfully advocated for an expansion of schools with charters while in labor they successfully converted Michigan to a state where being a member of the union is no longer a requirement for one to get a job.

Not only was this influence in their hometown but also beyond the conservative political issues that they are well known to support. They are also well known for charity activities to social places, spiritual centers, schools, and many other places and events. Their generosity is well known since they make leading donations in some charity centers.

One of such centers that they have supported is a children’s hospital which has helped utilize on time since parents do not have to take their kids to hospital for them to receive medical care. In the education sector, Dick Devos founded a high school at an airport whose policy is to ensure that children from disadvantaged communities are exposed to the same opportunities and facilities that children from affluent communities have. Such philanthropic activities have been lauded as very progressive in efforts of ensuring an equal society.

In all these efforts by the Devos family, not all have been accepted by the general public. In early the 20th century, a constitutional amendment sponsored by the family to fund students to attend privately owned schools from government coffers was blatantly not supported by the majority of citizens. Years later, Dick Devos was on the receiving end after voters once more rejected him while seeking for a governorship position.

One key admirable quality of the Devos family is their resilience. Giving up has never been an option, and this made them shift their campaigns of advocating for school vouchers for private schools to other states within the country. More than 20 states currently own private school vouchers. They aim to consistently and continually make it possible for the parents and students to have more choices.

Betsy Devos principles and exposure in fighting and advocating for improved education standards for all, both the poor and affluent led her to be appointed as a United States Secretary of Education. This she was confirmed by the Senate.


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How GoBuySide Helps Both Candidates and Firms

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Many financial firms have failed to build a social networking online, which hinders them from finding overqualified professionals that can boost their revenue. This is due to many financial firms still relying on employment firms that still use internet-based methods to hire individuals. This has led to many financial firms to become in debt with these employment firms due to the increased amount of time they take to find a skilled candidate. GoBuySide, a company founded in 2011 by Arjun Kapur, has leveraged the power of online social networking such as Facebook, and LinkedIn to find candidates who are looking to be employed by a financial firm but also have details of work experience that prove valuable to the firm they desire to work in. This also helps financial firms that are looking for candidates for short-term projects, which require fast-paced skills and high skills in investment. This has led to many of these firms to not lose revenue due to failing to complete a project for a client.

Furthermore, not only does GoBuySide strategy help financial firms, but also workers who are trying to find opportunities in the volatile financial job market. For example, due to GoBuySide using artificial intelligence to screen candidates, it provides a candidate with a lot of options one which firm they would like to join to start their career or to build on their previous skills. In addition, this technology GoBuySide utilizes allows many candidates that over excel at their current firm, to find firms that will provide a challenge towards skills.

GoBuySide is a lead recruitment platform, that updates their technology to keep up with new rising job trends, which help screen potential candidates for their clients. These clients include venture capital firms, Fortune 500 companies, investment firms, and private equity firms. Due to over four hundred clients, GoBuySide is located in over 16 countries worldwide as well as 52 cities. The founder, Arjun Kapur, has an extensive knowledge in recruitment due to his education from Standford, and John Hopkins University.

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