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Get Food Service from the OSI Food Group

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Join The OSI Group Food Team

The OSI Group Food Service leaders have been able to exemplify the food industry to become the largest food service corp in North America. Their team of food group professionals are willing to put the needs of their customers first. OSI Group Foods has been able to establish a 20 year partnership with China and the United States. Processed foods are primarily used by the bigger food service professionals. You’re invited to take a tour of their Aurora, Illinois, facility by contacting a support team specialist. Eat smart with OSI Foods today.

OSI Group Recent International News

The international Europe Group was the eye of many big food service corporations. The OSI Food team was quick to take notice of the major food giants. Today, they are affiliated with the Flagship Europe food professionals by processing their food condiments and poultry. The deal was mentioned in a business news article, but not the amount of the deal. The partnership has allowed them to double their chicken production in both the international and local food industry. OSI also has a deal with the popular Dutch, Baho Foods.

Meet OSI Team Executives

There are quite a few food network OSI associates that can receive credit for their success, but the OSI foods CEO, David McDonald, has been able to help the food giants stand out by making successful partnerships with other food service professionals. His service to the industry has also helped them win the food service awards from the British Food Council. He has created a worldwide job initiative that is designed to help at-risk adults sustain their needs. McDonald, has been able to create over 7,000+ jobs including a Chicago, Tyson food deal. Meet David A. McDonald by visiting his official LinkedIn today.