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How GoBuySide Helps Both Candidates and Firms

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Many financial firms have failed to build a social networking online, which hinders them from finding overqualified professionals that can boost their revenue. This is due to many financial firms still relying on employment firms that still use internet-based methods to hire individuals. This has led to many financial firms to become in debt with these employment firms due to the increased amount of time they take to find a skilled candidate. GoBuySide, a company founded in 2011 by Arjun Kapur, has leveraged the power of online social networking such as Facebook, and LinkedIn to find candidates who are looking to be employed by a financial firm but also have details of work experience that prove valuable to the firm they desire to work in. This also helps financial firms that are looking for candidates for short-term projects, which require fast-paced skills and high skills in investment. This has led to many of these firms to not lose revenue due to failing to complete a project for a client.

Furthermore, not only does GoBuySide strategy help financial firms, but also workers who are trying to find opportunities in the volatile financial job market. For example, due to GoBuySide using artificial intelligence to screen candidates, it provides a candidate with a lot of options one which firm they would like to join to start their career or to build on their previous skills. In addition, this technology GoBuySide utilizes allows many candidates that over excel at their current firm, to find firms that will provide a challenge towards skills.

GoBuySide is a lead recruitment platform, that updates their technology to keep up with new rising job trends, which help screen potential candidates for their clients. These clients include venture capital firms, Fortune 500 companies, investment firms, and private equity firms. Due to over four hundred clients, GoBuySide is located in over 16 countries worldwide as well as 52 cities. The founder, Arjun Kapur, has an extensive knowledge in recruitment due to his education from Standford, and John Hopkins University.

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