Dr Saad Saad’s rags to riches story

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Determination over circumstances is a quote Dr Saad Saad’s life explains all too well. Currently the force behind two patented medical innovations, Dr Saad is one of the most prominent pediatric surgeons in America. His success in life is the perfect definition of resilience despite the circumstances which is why he believes that anyone can achieve what they want as long as they set their mind to it.


A brief overview of his success journey


Born in Palestine, Dr Saad was unfortunate to come to this world during a time when Israel was becoming a state. This resulted in significant political changes some of which forced the relocation of all Palestinians, and his family being of this origin was not spared. Fortunately, it was during this era that petroleum was just being discovered in the Middle East, and his father being a proficient mechanic, had the opportunity to move his family to Kuwait. Even though this gave Dr Saad Saad a chance to enjoy a peaceful childhood, things were still not streamlined as they were refugees from Israel with no documentation to pursue a better future. It is in light to this that his father advised the doctor and his brothers to seek academic excellence as this was the only way they were going to gain success and respect in a community where they were outcasts.


Dr Saad took this advice to heart and admits that these words from his father have helped mould him into what he is today. Even though medicine wasn’t his first career choice, a heat stroke while working in a construction site with his brother motivated him to pursue pediatric surgery as he needed a way to escape the hot summers in Kuwait.



In lieu to this, he pursued a medical degree at Cairo University. During that era, a medical degree was and is still a big deal, but he kept his father’s advice in mind and knew that the only way to gain even more respect is by acquiring more knowledge and as such, did not allow an MD to blind his vision to get to the top. It is thanks to this that he went to the US where he did his residency thereby becoming a US board-certified pediatric surgeon. On top of that, Dr Saad Saad had the advantage of being the only person of his calibre who was fluent in English and Arabic. Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/



This opened the floodgates of opportunities for him, helping him steer his career to even greater heights. For instance, he was appointed as the official pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royal family. Since then he has never looked back and looking at his success today, there is no doubt that choosing medicine was a good decision.


Nonetheless, he adds that his success has not been on a silver platter but due to certain habits. For instance, besides believing in what he wants to achieve, Dr Saad says that never procrastinating is one of the practices that makes him most productive in his day to day life.