Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Share His View On The Stigma Of Suicide

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Healthcare industry entrepreneur Ara Chackerian has backed a number of startups in this industry. His latest firm is TMS Health Solutions which has a number of offices in the greater San Francisco region. These offices have transcranial magnetic stimulation equipment which is used to treat patients with depression. These patients have tried traditional methods for their depression, including both talk therapy and medications, and haven’t responded to it. TMS Health Solutions offers an alternative that has been thoroughly researched in its effectiveness to reduce the symptoms of depression.

As a venture capitalist, Ara Chackerian has financially backed other healthcare companies such as BMC Diagnostics and PipelineRx. He is also a notable environmentalist and has made doing his part to help the environment a major part of his life. One example of this is his company Limonapa, SA. This company is based in Nicaragua and operates a sustainable teak plantation. Not only does this company produce an environmentally friendly product but they also hire local people who would otherwise have jobs that are barely of sustenance level.

Ara Chackerian doesn’t have any typical day or schedule that he follows. He says that he doesn’t use a calendar or any planning tools because he is pretty bad at sticking to them. He focuses on three areas during the day which are coaching, strategy, and vision and his schedule flows from that.

When circling back to talking about depression, he says that the stigma regarding suicide needs to end. Chackerian points out that 45,000 people in the United States kill themselves each year. However, everyone still treats suicide as a secret despite this huge number. More people finally started to talk about suicide when the celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and the fashion designer Kate Spade committed suicide within days of each other. Check out Medium to know more.

He says that there are huge organizations dedicated to fighting things such as cancer. However, there is no big nonprofit dedicated to suicide prevention. He says that people need to stop approaching suicide as a taboo subject and instead talk openly about it. Getting other people help for their depression is critical in bringing down the suicide rates which won’t happen if people won’t talk about it. You can visit their Facebook page.



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