Shafik Sachedina: A Glimpse Of A Successful Community Pillar

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Shafik Sachedina was born and raised in Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania in the 1950s. He later emigrated to the United Kingdom during his teenage years. Shafik went to Guy Medical Hospital in London for his college studies. After that, he joined the training for the dental surgeon at London Dental School. Since then, Shafik continues to practice his line of the profession in various hospitals in the United Kingdom. Within a short time, he had earned a great name and reputation due to his work. He became one of the recognized dental surgeons of all time.

Alongside practicing his dental surgeon career, Shafik Sachedina plays a significant role in the community through the activities of the community. He has been working with the Institute of Ismaili Studies for quite some years now. Institute of Ismaili Studies was founded in 1977 with the primary goal of creating awareness over the Islamic culture through initiatives and publications. The entire cause intended to promote the Islamic religion over the world. As at now, the Institute harbors a huge library that is fully packed with publications of books, magazines, and journals that aims at promoting this great culture and Islamic religion. This library has become one of the largest regarding sources and resource materials for reference in the world. Shafik Sachedina has been involved in service in this Institute in different capacities. He is the head of the Ismaili Institute department that has been operating in more than 16 counties. Shafik’s significant role here is to ensure that the activities in all the sixteen counties run smoothly and efficiently on behalf of the Institute. Shafik is in charge of the delegation roles in the Institute and all the branches thereof.

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Sachedina is seasoned to serve in various posts. He is also a member of the management board in the organization. The board of management in the Institute of Ismaili Studies is the critical decision maker in the organization. This board makes any little or big decision involved. They decide the significant events in the Institute and anything that touches the organization. The decisions are reached to through extensive consultation with the management group that consists Shafik Sachedina. This is to say that he is very significant at the Institute to the extent of making decisions for the organization. Shafik is an active giver to the community through his philanthropic spirit. He is an active member of the Aga Khan Development Network committee that oversees all the development activities in the Muslim community across the whole world.

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